August 18, 2010 12:00
Welcome to the most realistic football manager game online. Detailed yet easy to play!

Matchday is a free football manager game played over the internet. Matchday lets you build and manage your own football club. You control every aspect of your club from team selections to club finances.

In Matchday you compete against other managers from all over the world. Your on-field success will depend on how well you manage the club finances, if you can buy the right players and if you can make the right tactical decisions. Sign up for Matchday today. It's free and easy!


Version 2.1.8 Released  (15 Apr 2014)
We have today released Matchday Version 2.1.8. This is a minor bug fix release that corrects several minor bugs. There are also some minor design improvements. Read More

Barcelona wins Matchday Club World Championship  (8 Apr 2014)
Congratulations to Barcelona for winning the 3rd Matchday Club World Championship! They won the title after winning 4-1 against Damaturu Stars in the final. Read More

3rd Matchday Club World Championship  (29 Mar 2014)
The 3rd Matchday Club World Championship will kickoff today as Damaturu Stars(Nigeria) takes on Newark River Bandits(USA) to determine the final team to qualify for the Semi-Finals. Read More

Ranking Lists

1  Kev Hall 103626
2  canada 92583
3  wavanbuuren 92516
4  Mala 90087
5  Vangelis Darlasis 89539

1  Real Madrid 72659
2  Vancouver Whitecaps 67704
3  Kashima Antlers 67390
4  PB Kuantan 67099
5  PSV Eindhoven 65395
1  France 101445
2  Russia 100888
3  Italy 100092
4  Argentina 99872
5  Malaysia 99023
1  England 40000
2  Spain 38000
3  Italy 36000
4  Germany 34000
5  France 32000

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